Here is a poem that, I think, captures the spirit of autumn in Kansas City.  I hope this poem helps us stay in touch with the autumns of our lives.   

the leaf

it had budded
and had grown

like many of its peers
it never had left home

symmetrical and green
the handsome little leaf
had felt secure
those many months
when swaying
in the wind

but then the air got colder 
and the little leaf turned red

the day arrived
when it no longer could hold on

and off it fell

it was a graceful falling
as it floated through the air
until it came to rest 
upon the ground

its odyssey not done
the little leaf
was quickly greeted
with a gust of wind

it pirouetted
till it lost its balance

yet no sooner had it come to rest
once more
upon the ground
than it was jostled 
by another gust of wind
that blew it even further
from its home

the leaf 
compliant in its poses
lay motionless
upon the ground

was this the journey of a lifetime
for this little leaf

or did its wandering 
live only in the memory of
a nearby leaf 
saw it go

and wondered
as it sensed its own branch swaying in the wind
and its own reddish hue

if stronger winds were yet to blow

From Into the Wind © 2021 Charles Schlee