Biography of Charles Schlee

We sometimes find ourselves asking, What will I do now?  The author’s answers have included studying for the Catholic priesthood, teaching philosophy, working in information technology, and delivering professional counseling services.  Each answer has been not just a way of earning a living, but a way of life.  And each answer has enabled the author to get in touch with different, deeply rooted facets of himself.  It is the uncovering and interplay of these many facets that give birth to—and define—his writing. 

Charles Schlee’s educational background includes a PhD in philosophy from the University of Kansas, an MBA from Rockhurst University, and an MS in counseling psychology from Avila University. His life-long passions are language, writing, and philosophical psychology.  To view a list of his writings, go to Publications – Charles Schlee .

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Contact information: [email protected]